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HOTEL*** PŁOCK, ul. Jachowicza 38, 09-400 Płock, tel. +48 24 262 93 93, fax. +48 24 268 54 77


We are a local private brewery located in the Hotel Płock where we brew excellent non-pasteurized Krakowian Beer, original in taste.



The brewing process is based on natural hops and malt. The guests may watch the whole procedure with their own eyes as the brewing vats along with the equipment controlling the brewing process are installed in our pub.

Thanks to our own intake of Oligocene water our beer has a unique fresh flavour and an irresistible aroma.

We brew four kinds of beer:



We are please to inform you that our brewery is the first brewery in Plock in its 1000-year history. In the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance period all Polish settlements, castles and districts wanted to brew their own beer. In Plock it was possible to open a brewery only thanks to modern technology which allowed us to make a well necessary to draw the excellent Oligocene water.

We may organise any party upon our guests’ request.


non-pasteurized Krakowian Beernon-pasteurized Krakowian Beer
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